Yr is a mirror that takes the live edge idea and makes it the integral core of its design. Presenting two edges of the glass bare this idea becomes a shared element amongst all the component materials of the mirror. It gives the mirror a more open feeling, giving it a feeling of completeness as the feelings of presence and absence balance each other out.


Pyrus continues the exploration of mixed materials by taking a simple brass extrusion and making it a subtle decorative accent and the main securing frame for the glass in this mirror. Its composition is simple and yet elegant as the purple of the timber plays with the golden tones of the brass.
Utsusu finds its strengths in the simplicity of the design, taking its aesthetic and name  from japanese inspirations. The top of the frame hides a subtle curve which keeps it from being just another rectangular mirror.
Fiothri is the continuation of an ongoing infatuation of mine with wings. It is meant to represent a fallen angel showing the beautiful wings still feathered but already starting to develop the more fleshy webbing associated with the wings of the underworld. The inscriptions along the hoop do not represent anything but merely decorate and connect the hoop to the sharp lines of the feathers on the wings.